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I keep a large range of NOS, new pattern and good used parts in stock and have regular deliveries from Spain of those hard to get parts.  I’m also UK agent for Vintco who produce a large range of excellent quality repro parts at reasonable prices.  Everything we sell is genuine Race Quality and honestly priced.

The list below contains the most commonly needed parts from OssaStuff and Vintco’s OSSA parts range. Have a scroll through the list or use the search box to jump straight to the parts you’re looking for then simply click on the ‘DESCRIPTION’  to add the item to basket. If you want more than one of any item you can alter the quantity in the basket.  If all products are in stock simply enter your card details at the checkout to confirm your order.

If  you require special order parts and you’d like to discuss delivery time before making your payment proceed as above but select the ‘Pay by Invoice’ option in the checkout instead.  I’ll get in touch with anticipated delivery date and if you are happy with it just click ‘accept’ on the invoice and enter your card details to complete the payment.

Don’t forget I also have hundreds of other new and NOS parts not listed below as well as all manner of used parts so if you can’t find what you’re looking for below don’t panic yet,  just give me a call on 01258 577 900 or click here

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OS-100236Explorer Graphics Set£48.00Available to Order
OS-100237MAR Graphics Set£48.00Available to Order
OS-100238Wide modern style CNC Alloy Footrests/Footpegs – Phantom/Super Pioneer/Desert Phantom.£135.00In Stock
OS-100239Wide modern style Cast Steel Footrests/Footpegs – Phantom/Super Pioneer/Desert Phantom£85.00In Stock
OS-100240Tank Graphics for painted tanks (to be lacquered over ) Phantom 1974/76£48.50In Stock
OS-100241Tank Graphics for polished tanks (heavy duty) Phantom 1974/76£43.50In Stock
OS-100242Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Raw SDR/Enduro (Pioneer)£375.00Available to Order
OS-100243Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Mirror Polished SDR/Enduro (Pioneer)£425.00Available to Order
OS-100244Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Raw (for paint or polishing) Super Pioneer/Desert Phantom£375.00Available to Order
OS-100245Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Mirror Polished Super Pioneer/Desert Phantom£425.00Available to Order
OS-100246Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Raw (for paint or polishing) Phantom AS-74/75/76£375.00Available to Order
OS-100247Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Mirror Polished Phantom AS-74/75/76£425.00Available to Order
OS-100248Complete Seat Phantom 1974£199.00In Stock
OS-100249Seat Cover Phantom 1975£65.00In Stock
OS-100250Seat Cover Phantom 1974£65.00In Stock
OS-100251Exhaust - replica Phantom 125 1974/75 with silencer£535.00Available to Order
OS-100252Exhaust - replica 250 1975 with silencer£535.00Available to Order
OS-100253Exhaust – replica Phantom 250 1974 with silencer£535.00In Stock
OS-100254Rear Wheel Bearing Kit Phantom 1974-76£24.99In Stock
OS-100255Front wheel bearing and seal kit Phantom/MAR£16.75In Stock
OS-100256Fork Seal set Phantom/Super Pioneer special racing£33.80In Stock
OS-100257Oil drain Sealing washer£1.95In Stock
OS-100258Race Light Gear Oil 1 litre£9.50In Stock
OS-100259Spilt link for Heavy Duty MX Chain (OS-100260)£2.52In Stock
OS-100260Heavy Duty MX Chain (Racing) all models£69.99In Stock
OS-100261Rear Brake Shoes (Racing) Phantom/Super Pioneer all models£26.95In Stock
OS-100262Front/Rear Brake Shoes MAR£22.75In Stock
OS-100263Front Brake Shoes (Racing) Super Pioneer & Phantom 77£26.95In Stock
OS-100264Front Brake Shoes (Racing) Phantom 74-76 Winter compound£24.95In Stock
OS-100265Front Brake Shoes (Racing) Phantom 74-76 Summer compound£24.95In Stock
OS-100266Throttle Cable Phantom/Magura Throttle (Venhill)£19.00In Stock
OS-100267Clutch Cable (Venhill)£18.50In Stock
OS-100268Front Brake Cable Phantom 1975 (Venhill)£27.50In Stock
OS-100269Front Brake Cable Phantom 1974 (Venhill)£21.50In Stock
OS-100270Stainless Steel (inox) Case Screw set – Clutch Ignition Covers£18.50In Stock
OS-100271Stainless Steel (inox) Case Screw set – Crankcase£18.50In Stock
OS-100272Exhaust Mount Set Phantom/Super Pioneer£7.95In Stock
OS-100273Exhaust Gasket Stiletto/MAR/Enduro£2.50In Stock
OS-100274Head Gasket SDR/ISDT/Pioneers/Desert Phantoms 250cc 1971-78£5.40In Stock
OS-100275Head Gasket Phantoms 1974£5.50In Stock
OS-100276Head Gasket MAR£5.40In Stock
OS-100277Head Gasket Phantoms 1975-77 GP1 GP2 GP3£5.60In Stock
OS-100278Head Gasket Stiletto TT Phantom 250cc 1971-74£5.40In Stock
OS-100279Base Gasket All 250cc Slight trimming GP3 1970-78£4.50In Stock
OS-100280Clutch Cover gasket all models (5 speed)£8.00In Stock
OS-100281Gasket Set MAR£32.50In Stock
OS-100282Gasket Set Stiletto/Enduro£32.50In Stock
OS-100283Gasket Set Desert Phantom/Super Pioneer£32.50In Stock
OS-100284Gasket Set Phantom AS-75+£32.50In Stock
OS-100285Gasket Set Phantom AS-74£32.50
In Stock
OS-100286High quality German Motoplat HT Coil replacement£89.95In Stock
OS-100287Clutch hub Bearing£9.67In Stock
OS-100288Clutch Screw Split Pins (2 sets)£2.50In Stock
OS-100289Billet Clutch Basket Phantom/Desert Phantom/Super Pioneer£225.00Available to Order
OS-100290Racing Clutch Spring set Phantom/Desert Phantom/Super Pioneer£39.00In Stock
OS-100291Clutch Outer Pressure Plate all models£28.00In Stock
OS-100292Clutch Friction Plate set Stiletto/Enduro£77.00Available to Order
OS-100293Clutch Friction Plate set MAR£74.00Available to Order
OS-100294Clutch Friction Plate set Phantom/Desert Phantom£78.99Available to Order
OS-100295Primary Chain All Years 1970-78 Excluding 1970 Stiletto£39.99In Stock
OS-100296Gear Box bearing set (2)£18.70In Stock
OS-100297Main Bearing set (2)£18.40In Stock
OS-100298Crank Seal set (2)£8.28In Stock
OS-100299Crankshaft Shim 1.0mm£3.52In Stock
OS-100300Crankshaft Shim 0.5mm£3.26In Stock
OS-100301Crankshaft Shim 0.3mm£2.91In Stock
OS-100302Crankshaft Shim 0.2mm£3.60In Stock
OS-100303Crankshaft Shim 0.1mm£2.24In Stock
OS-100305Reinforced Rod Kit (requires crank machining) Stiletto/Enduro£169.95In Stock
OS-100306Reinforced Rod Kit (requires crank machining) Phantom/Super Pioneer£169.95In Stock
OS-100307Flywheel Key£2.20In Stock
OS-100308Piston Circlips£3.95In Stock
OS-100309Gudgeon Pin 250£11.50In Stock
OS-100310Little/Small End Bearing£12.95In Stock
OS-100311Forged competition Piston 73.00mm (Wossner)£180.00In Stock
OS-100312Forged competition Piston 72.75mm (Wossner)£180.00In Stock
OS-100313Forged competition Piston 72.50mm (Wossner)£180.00In Stock
OS-100314Forged competition Piston 72.25mm (Wossner)£180.00In Stock
OS-100315Forged competition Piston 72.00mm (Wossner)£180.00Available to Order
OS-100316Air Filter Foam (Twin Air)£19.00In Stock
OS-100317Rear Sprocket 45T Super Pioneer (Talon)£89.99In Stock
OS-100318Rear Sprocket 53T Phantom (Talon)£122.50In Stock
OS-100319OSSAStuff Front Sprocket 13T£11.99In Stock
OS-100320OSSAStuff Front Sprocket kit (sprocket/spacer/seal/tab washer) 13T£23.99In Stock
OS-100321Countershaft seal (standard sprocket)£7.77In Stock
OS-100322Kickstart shaft circlip£1.15In Stock
OS-100323Gear change shaft circlip£1.05In Stock
OS-100324Mikuni VM38-9 machined & jetted for Phantom£169.99Available to Order
OS-100325Front Sprocket 11 teeth£12.00In Stock
OS-100326Rear Brake Cable Enduro E71/73£79.95Available to Order
OS-100327Seat Cover Super Pioneer/Enduro Phantom£65.00Available to Order
OS-100328Countershaft sprocket spacer sleeve (standard sprocket)£6.65In Stock
OS-100329MAR Gear Lever Alloy Original Style£42.50In Stock
OS-100330Clutch Adjuster Clutch Inspection Cover£23.40In Stock
OS-100331Primary Chain RACING£72.00In Stock
OS-100332MAR Clutch Spring Set£33.80In stock
OS-100333Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Raw (for paint or polishing) Phantom AS-77 (GP3)£375.00Available to Order
OS-100334Alloy Fuel/Gas Tank Mirror Polished Phantom AS-77 (GP3)£425.00Available to Order
OS-100335MAR L/H Thread Flywheel NutAvailable to Order
OS-100336GP Exhaust – High Performance cone exhaust for Phantom 250 AS-74/75 inc. silencer£595.00Available to Order
OS-100337OSSAStuff Front Sprocket 12T£11.99In Stock
OS-100338OSSAStuff Front Sprocket kit (sprocket/spacer/seal/tab washer) 12T£23.99In Stock
OS-100339Front spoke nipple Stainless Steel (Inox)£1.00Available to Order
OS-100340Steering Stem NutAvailable to Order
OS-100341Front Brake Shoes TR80 Trials Compound£25.00In Stock
OS-100342Rear Brake Shoes TR80 Trials Compound£25.00In Stock
OS-100343MAR Series 2 Graphic Set Complete£63.70Available to Order
OS-100344MAR Series 1 Graphic Set Complete£63.70Available to Order
OS-100345Enduro Phantom 125 Graphics Set Complete£91.00Available to Order
OS-100346Enduro Phantom 175 Graphics Set Complete£91.00In Stock
OS-100347Phantom 74/75 Graphics Set Complete£80.60Available to Order
OS-100348TR77 Graphics Set Complete£46.80In Stock
OS-100349Rear Mudguard Phantom AS-74 in Gel coat (unpainted)£67.80Available to Order
OS-100350Rear Mudguard Phantom AS-75 in Gel coat (unpainted)£67.60Available to Order
OS-100351Front Mudguard Phantom 74,75, S/P, Desert s.1. in Gel coat (unpainted)£46.80In Stock
OS-100352Rear Mudguard Super Pioneer/Desert Phantom in Gel coat (unpainted)£67.80Available to Order
OS-100353TR80 250/350 Exhaust seal£6.70In Stock
OS-100354TR80 250 Gasket Set£34.65In Stock
OS-100355TR80 350 Gasket Set£34.65In Stock
OS-100358DC Plastics Rear Mudguard Blue - Phantom 74£89.95In Stock
OS-100359DC Plastics Front Mudguard Blue - Phantom 74-76£89.95In Stock
OS-100360Super Pioneer/Enduro Phantom Air Filter with Cage£24.00In Stock
OS-EXCHExchange Crankshaft (available from stock for 250 Phantom, Desert Phantom, Super Pioneer, Enduro, MAR, Explorer and 125 Phantom/Enduro Phantom)£280.00In Stock
OW-105-460Vintco Snail Chain Adjuster MAR Explorers 1971-78£22.95Available to Order
OW-110-010MVintco Crankshaft DMR MAR SDR Pioneer Stiletto Explorer 1970-73£395.95Available to Order
OW-111-828Vintco Ignition Switch Protector Pioneer SDR 1971-73£19.95Available to Order
OW-112-018Vintco IRZ Carb Rubber Intake Spacer MAR Stilettos Pioneers Explorers 1970-75£12.95Available to Order
OW-112-181-BVintco Kick Start Knuckle Small Spline 1970-73£34.95Available to Order
OW-112-181-CVintco Kick Start Knuckle Large Spline 1974-78£34.95In Stock
OW-112-400Vintco Foot Peg Set MAR SDR Stilettos Pioneers Explorers 1970-75£29.95In Stock
OW-112-472Vintco Swing Arm Bushing MAR SDR Pioneers Stilettos Explorers 1971-77£35.95Available to Order
OW-112-724Vintco Rubber Gas Tank Mounts MAR SDR Stilettos Pioneers Explorers 1970-78£12.95Available to Order
OW-112-830Vintco Handle Bar MAR Explorers 1971-78£129.95Available to Order
OW-112-845-BM1Vintco Speedometer Cable Pioneers SDR 1970-73£24.95Available to Order
OW-112-845-BM15Vintco Speedometer Cable ISDT Super Pioneers Enduro Phantoms 1974-78£26.95Available to Order
OW-112-855Vintco Cable Grommet Stilettos Pioneers SDR 1970-73£10.95In Stock
OW-112-860-BMVintco Rear Brake Cable Stiletto 1970-73£59.95Available to Order
OW-112-905Vintco Seat Nut SDR Stilettos Pioneers Explorers Super Pioneers 1970-78£10.95In Stock
OW-112-946MVintco Exhaust Pipe Mount Stilettos Pioneers Phantoms SDR ISDT 1970-78£12.95Available to Order
OW-114-840-MVintco Front Brake Cable Stiletto 1970-71 175 250 Stiletto TT 1971-73£24.95Available to Order
OW-116-154Vintco Aluminium Shift Lever Rubber MAR ISDT Explorers Phantoms Super Pioneers 1973-77£10.95In Stock
OW-118-052Vintco MAR 1972-73 Explorer 1973-74 Pioneer 1970-72 Six Days 1973 Super Pioneer 1975 Cylinder Sleeve£164.95Available to Order
OW-118-054S-00Vintco (Tarabusi) Piston Rings Standard All 250cc Models 1970-78£34.95In Stock
OW-118-054S-20Vintco (Tarabusi) Piston Rings 1st Oversize All 250cc Models 1970-78£34.95In Stock
OW-118-054S-40Vintco (Tarabusi) Piston Rings 2nd Oversize All 250cc Models 1970-78£34.95In Stock
OW-118-054S-60Vintco (Tarabusi) Piston Rings 3rd Oversize All 250cc Models 1970-78£34.95In Stock
OW-118-058Vintco Head Gasket 2.5mm SDR ISDT Pioneers Desert Phantoms250cc 1971-78£10.95In Stock
OW-118-059Vintco Head Gasket 3.0mm MAR Explorer 250cc 1971-77£10.95In Stock
OW-118-087Vintco Intake Spacer DMR Stilettos 1970-73£12.95Available to Order
OW-118-096Vintco Head Gasket 1.0mm Stiletto TT Phantom 250cc 1971-74£10.95In Stock
OW-118-725Vintco Tank Badges MAR SDR Stilettos Pioneers Phantoms Explorers 1970-78£34.95In Stock
OW-118-818MVintco Handle Bar Stilettos Pioneers SDR 1970-73£129.95Available to Order
OW-118-846MVintco Pioneer 1970-72 Front Brake Cable£59.95Available to Order
OW-118-848MVintco Pioneer 1970-72 Rear Brake Cable£79.95Available to Order
OW-120-001Vintco Triple Tree Reduces Vibration Most Models£599.95Available to Order
OW-121-043Vintco Base Gasket All 250cc Slight trimming GP3 1970-78£12.95In Stock
OW-121-126Vintco Shaft Protector All Models 1970-78£10.95In Stock
OW-121-322Vintco -Pioneer-1970-73-SDR-1973-Rubber-Plate£9.95Available to Order
OW-121-841-MVintco Throttle Cable SDR Pioneers Stilettos 1970-78 Explorer 1978£24.95Available to Order
OW-121-842-MVintco Clutch Cable1970-1978 All Models£26.95In Stock
OW-122-816Vintco Tail Light Mount MAR Explorers 1971-78£22.95In Stock
OW-122-829-M1Vintco Speedometer Cable MAR Explorers 1971-78£29.95Available to Order
OW-122-833Vintco Chain Tensioner Rubbing Block MAR Explorers 1971-78£21.95Available to Order
OW-122-853MVintco MAR 1972-73 Rear Brake Cable£79.95Available to Order
OW-122-854-MVintco Front Brake Cable Explorers MAR 1973-77£21.95In Stock
OW-122-855-MVintco Throttle Cable MAR Explorers 1971-75£24.95Available to Order
OW-123-002Vintco Desert Phantom 1974-78 Phantom 1974 Cylinder Sleeve 72mm£164.95Available to Order
OW-123-009Vintco Head Gasket 0.5mm Phantoms 1975-77 GP1 GP2 GP3£10.95In Stock
OW-123-010MVintco Crankshaft ST-1 Phantoms GP1 GP2 GP3 1974-77£395.95In Stock
OW-123-018Vintco Intake Manifold ST-1 ISDT Phantoms 1974-78£26.95Available to Order
OW-123-076MVintco Primary Chain All Years 1970-78 Excluding 1970 Stiletto£69.95In Stock
OW-123-112Vintco Primary Sprocket Phantoms 1974-78 Excluding GP3£39.95In Stock
OW-123-215Vintco Centre Case Gasket Newer Style Large Diameter 1973-78£25.95In Stock
OW-123-400Vintco Foot Peg Set MAR Phantoms Super Pioneers Explorer 350cc ISDT 1974-78£29.95In Stock
OW-123-472Vintco Swing Arm Bushings ISDT Phantoms Super Pioneers 1974-78£35.95Available to Order
OW-123-483Vintco Chain Guide Protector Pioneers Stilettos SDR 1971-73£12.95Available to Order
OW-123-774Vintco Air Filter Lid Phantoms 1974-78£12.95In Stock
OW-123-779Vintco Air Boot ISDT Phantoms 1974-78£21.95In Stock
OW-123-844-MVintco Phantoms Super Pioneer Mountaineer 1974-76 Front Brake Cable£21.95In Stock
OW-123-845-MVintco Throttle Cable Phantoms GP1 GP2 1974-76£24.95In Stock
OW-124-216Vintco Cable Guide All Models with Betor Forks 1970-78£12.95In Stock
OW-124-718MVintco Petcock MAR Explorers 1971-78£24.95In Stock
OW-124-718M-2CVintco Petcocks (Fuel Taps) DMR SDR ST-1 Pioneers Phantoms Stilettos 1970-78£39.95In Stock
OW-125-012Vintco Crankshaft MAR Explorer Super Pioneer Desert Phantom 1974-78£395.95Available to Order
OW-125-706Vintco License Plate Holder SDR Super Pioneers 1973-77£24.95In Stock
OW-125-840MVintco SDR 73 Rear Brake Cable£79.95Available to Order
OW-125-846MVintco SDR 1973 Front Brake Cable£59.95Available to Order
OW-129-779Vintco Air Boot Super Pioneer 1974-76£21.95In Stock
OW-130-825MVintco Handle Bar Phantoms Super Pioneer ISDT 1974-78£129.95In Stock
OW-133-003-S.00VintcoPiston Kit (Vintco Tarabusi OEM replica) Standard All 250cc Models 1970-78£139.95In Stock
OW-133-003-S.20Vintco Piston Kit (Vintco Tarabusi OEM replica) 1st Oversize All 250cc Models 1970-78£139.95In Stock
OW-133-003-S.40VintcoPiston Kit (Vintco Tarabusi OEM replica) 2nd Oversize All 250cc Models 1970-78£139.95In Stock
OW-133-003-S.60VintcoPiston Kit (Vintco Tarabusi OEM replica) 3rd Oversize All 250cc Models 1970-78£139.95In Stock
OW-911-246Vintco Steel Shift Lever Rubber DMR MAR SDR Stilettos Pioneers Explorers 1970-77£10.95Available to Order
OW-911-712Vintco Kick Start Rubber DMR Stilettos 1970-73£12.95Available to Order
OW-918-214Vintco Gas Cap MAR SDR Stilettos Pioneers Phantoms Explorers 1970-78£24.95In Stock
OW-918-215Vintco Gas Cap - Rubber DMR MAR SDR Stiletto Pioneers Phantoms Explorers 1970-78£12.95In Stock
OW-991-105MVintco Wrist Pin (Little End) Bearing (16x20x17.5) All 250cc 1970-78£19.95In Stock
OW-991-109BVintco Piston Circlip Kit All Models 1970-78 Circlip Kit£3.95In Stock
OW-991-216Vintco Clutch Pushrod Seal All Models 1970-78£12.95In Stock
OW-991-606Vintco Gasket Centre Case Gasket (Small Style Crank) 1970-77£22.95In Stock
OW-991-607Vintco Primary Cover Side Gasket All Models 1970-78£24.95In Stock
OW-991-610Vintco Clutch Cover Gasket All Models 1970-78£10.95In Stock
OW-991-611Vintco Rubber Ignition Grommet All Models 1970-78£10.95In Stock
OW-992-121Vintco Brake Shaft Bushings Pioneers 1971-73£12.95Available to Order
OW-BAG-01Vintco Heavy Duty Gear Bag£89.95Available to Order
OW-CBK-11Vintco Centre Case Bolt Kit All Models 1970-78£21.95Available to Order
OW-CBK-14Vintco Clutch/Mag Cover Case Bolt Kit All Models 1970-78£24.95Available to Order
OW-CRK-001Vintco Connecting Rod Kit Stepped Pin DMR SDR MAR Stilettos Pioneers Explorers 250cc 1970-77£169.95In Stock
OW-CRK-002Vintco Connecting Rod Kit Straight Pin MAR ISDT ST-1 Phantoms Super Pioneers Explorers 250 1974-78£169.95In Stock
OW-CSK-001Vintco Clutch Spring Kit Heavy Duty GP2 GP3 1976-77£39.95In Stock
OW-CSK-002Vintco Clutch Spring kit Heavy Duty Most Models 1970-78£39.95In Stock
OW-EBK-001Vintco Engine Bearing Kit All Models 1970-78£44.95Available to Order
OW-FDR-001Vintco MAR and Explorer Aluminium Fenders MAR Explorers 1971-78£239.95Available to Order
OW-FMK-001Vintco Fibreglass Mounting Kit Phantoms Super Pioneers ISDT 1974-78£12.95Available to Order
OW-GK-001Vintco Grip Kit MAR Explorers 1971-78£22.95Available to Order
OW-GK-002Vintco Grip Kit DMR SDR Pioneers Stilettos 1970-73£22.95Available to Order
OW-GK-003Vintco Grip Kit Phantoms Super Pioneers ISDT 1974-78£22.95In Stock
OW-HMK-001Vintco Headlight Mount Kit MAR ISDT Explorer Phantoms Super Pioneer 1971-78£24.95In Stock
OW-LI-601-8118-11Vintco MAR DMR SDR Explorer Pioneer Stiletto Phantom 1970-74 Shock Bushings£19.95Available to Order
OW-OAN-60Vintco Plastic Trim Washer Kit All Models but ISTD ST-1 Desert Phantoms 1970-77£10.95Available to Order
OW-OLI-6208-96Vintco Fork Tube Dust Wiper Old and New Style Betor Forks 1970-78£22.95In Stock
OW-ORS-001Vintco O-Ring / Seal Selector Shaft Kit Most Models 1970-78£9.95In Stock
OW-PCK-001Vintco Primary Side Gasket Kit All Models 1970-78£29.95In Stock
OW-SBK-001Vintco All Models 1970-78 Triple Tree Handlebar 7mm Bolt Kit£49.95In Stock
OW-SIM-001Vintco Intake Manifold SDR Phantoms Super Pioneer 1973-77£22.95Available to Order
OW-SLK-001Vintco Steel Shift Lever Kit MAR SDR Pioneers Stilettos Explorers 1971-77£32.95Available to Order
OW-SLK-002Vintco Aluminium Shift Lever Kit Phantoms Super Pioneers Six Days (ISDT) 1974-78£34.95In Stock
OW-SSB-01Vintco Steering Stem Bearing Kit All Models 1970-78 Excluding 1970 Stiletto£39.95In Stock
OW-TMK-001Vintco Tank Mount Kit MAR Explorers Phantoms Super Pioneers 1971-78£12.95In Stock
OW-WK-001-FVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) Stilettos 1970-73£26.95Available to Order
OW-WK-001-RVintco Rear Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) Stilettos Pioneer SDR 1970-73£26.95Available to Order
OW-WK-002-FVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) Pioneers SDR 1970-73£26.95Available to Order
OW-WK-003-FVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) MAR Explorers 1971-78£22.95Available to Order
OW-WK-004-RVintco Rear Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) MAR Explorers 1971-78£24.95Available to Order
OW-WK-005-FVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) Phantoms Super Pioneers ISDT 1974-78£22.95In Stock
OW-WK-006-RVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) Phantoms Super Pioneer ISDT 1974-78£16.95In Stock
OW-WK-008-FVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) Super Pioneer 350cc 1976-77£22.95In Stock
OW-WK-009-FVintco Front Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) GP3 1977£21.95In Stock
OW-WK-010-RVintco Rear Wheel Bearing Kit (Vintco) GP3 1977£26.95In Stock
OW-WPBK-001Vintco Wrist Pin (Gudgeon Pin) and Bearing (17.4mm) all 250cc Models 1970-78£24.95In Stock
OS-100368350 Piston 1st O/S 77.25mm. Forged/Made in Germany£225.00Available to Order
OS-100369350 Piston 2nd O/S 77.50mm. Forged/Made in Germany£225.00In Stock
OS-100370350 Piston rd O/S 77.75mm. Forged/Made in Germany£225.00In Stock