Classic Dirt Bike TV OSSA Phantom feature

Chris Montignani’s Classic Dirt Bike TV featured a short feature on my very own Phantom. He covers some super machines but if you’re only interested in the OSSA forward wind to 23m:14s

The bike was on our stand at Telford but this is no show bike, it’s my race bike and if you look carefully you can see the signs of a hard life!

The bike is basically a stock ’74 Phantom with some very small mods. The motor is stock but for the upgraded rod, OSSAStuff modified 38mm Mikuni & OSSAStuff Clutch Plates & Springs.

Wheels and Forks are stock. At the back the Swinging Arm is the very slightly longer steel Desert Phantom version controlled by a pair of OSSAStuff spec Falcon Gas Shocks. The Seat is one of our OSSAStuff replicas and the tank is one of our standard Alloy Tanks with a nice paint job.

Same bike a couple of weeks later, doing what she does best; which is basically flattering me while I have fun! (In this case getting some practice in before the season starts)