Upgraded Gear Selector…

Our upgraded Selector fork is now available. The upgraded part is a straight swap for the standard part and replicates the upgraded part fitted to the later Phantoms and Super Pioneer models.

The upgraded selector prevents the over shifting issues experienced with earlier models and dramatically improves shifting precision and gearbox reliability.

Supplied on an exchange basis.

Coming soon, brand new gears for your Phantom…

Formula 1 technology for your Phantom! 

These hyper race quality replacement gears are produced from the finest gear steel available,  precision CNC machined and heat treated to perfection .

Vastly stronger and more durable than the original gears. No more missed shifts! Direct replacement for original parts. Hyper race quality, engineered especially for Ossa Stuff. Order yours now!

Welcome to our new website…

Fed up with not being able to find the parts I needed to restore and race my own Phantom I decided to do something about it. It took years to track everything down but it was worth the effort,  I can now supply just about any part you could ever need for you Phantom, Super Pioneer or MAR.

The bike that started it all; my shiny new  125 Phantom (1975)