Classic Dirt Bike TV OSSA Phantom feature

Chris Montignani’s Classic Dirt Bike TV featured a short feature on my very own Phantom. He covers some super machines but if you’re only interested in the OSSA forward wind to 23m:14s

The bike was on our stand at Telford but this is no show bike, it’s my race bike and if you look carefully you can see the signs of a hard life!

The bike is basically a stock ’74 Phantom with some very small mods. The motor is stock but for the upgraded rod, OSSAStuff modified 38mm Mikuni & OSSAStuff Clutch Plates & Springs.

Wheels and Forks are stock. At the back the Swinging Arm is the very slightly longer steel Desert Phantom version controlled by a pair of OSSAStuff spec Falcon Gas Shocks. The Seat is one of our OSSAStuff replicas and the tank is one of our standard Alloy Tanks with a nice paint job.

Same bike a couple of weeks later, doing what she does best; which is basically flattering me while I have fun! (In this case getting some practice in before the season starts)

Great to be racing again!

Opening round of the 2021 AMCA/CDB British Classic Motocross Championship at Yatton Keynell 

After an 18 month layoff due to the pandemic it was great to see the guys and get out on the mighty Phantom again. After a shaky start we got back on the pace enough to take the last two races for the 250 overall victory. Full Report here courtesy of ‘DirtHub’

Photo courtesy of ‘DirtHub’

OSSA Crankshafts

Brand new factory fresh OSSA Crankshafts featuring modern materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure perfect OEM fitment and performance. Super strong forged reinforced wider rod kit pre-installed; race ready! 

Three versions covering most OSSA models available. VintCo product, very high quality. 

UK price £395.95 delivered to your door!

NEW!!! Replica OSSA Pistons…

High quality copy of the original Tarabusi cast pistons with specially located ring pins for use with all 250cc models including the GP3. Standard through 3rd oversize available.

Skirt can be adapted to all models (ask). Includes rings, pin and clips. Made in Taiwan. Race quality.

UK price delivered to your door £139.95

Phantom Cylinder liner/sleeve

Super high quality Cylinder Sleeve for 1974-75 OSSA Phantom and 1974-78 Desert Phantom machines. Superior modern materials and manufacturing techniques ensure good or better than OEM fitment and performance. The sleeves come with all ports correctly angled so there is significantly less port matching work required than in other sleeves and all dimensions are provided for installation.

UK price £164.95 delivered to your door

Venhill Cables

A range of cables perfectly engineered by Venhill specially for Ossa Stuff.

Forget the universal cables found elsewhere that almost fit,  these are the real thing; they are the exact right cable for your bike and fit perfectly.

Throttle and clutch cables feature marine grade stainless steel inner wire, brake cables use high tensile strength galvanised steel inner. All cables feature Venhill’s renowned PFTE (Teflon) liner for super smooth, super reliable operation.

Cables from stock for Phantom, Desert Phantom, Super Pioneer & MAR models and to order for Stiletto, Enduro/Pioneer & SDR models

Upgraded Gear Selector…

Our upgraded Selector fork is now available. The upgraded part is a straight swap for the standard part and replicates the upgraded part fitted to the later Phantoms and Super Pioneer models.

The upgraded selector prevents the over shifting issues experienced with earlier models and dramatically improves shifting precision and gearbox reliability.

Supplied on an exchange basis.

Coming soon, brand new gears for your Phantom…

Formula 1 technology for your Phantom! 

These hyper race quality replacement gears are produced from the finest gear steel available,  precision CNC machined and heat treated to perfection .

Vastly stronger and more durable than the original gears. No more missed shifts! Direct replacement for original parts. Hyper race quality, engineered especially for Ossa Stuff. Order yours now!