‘Ossa Stuff’ is the result of my passion for Ossas. It started in 1975 racing in schoolboys with a 125 Phantom. The bike was an absolute delight; light and fast with flawless handling. She was such a joy I went on to race her in the ACU Southern & South West Centre adult series. In those days 125s had to compete in the ‘Open’ class so she was up against the mighty big bores of the era,  CCMs, Maicos, CZs and so on.

The little Phantom never disappointed. She screamed her way around the toughest events we could find, week after week without so much as a hiccup. We even added the occasional award to the trophy cabinet. When the 77 ½ Marty Moates replica was launched I was first in the line. I remember it well, the bike was fast, crazy fast, and holeshots were virtually guaranteed.  It handled well too but there was a price to pay for all that power; the gearbox simply couldn’t cope. Unfortunately the American made gears used on that model would have been better made of chocolate.

During a lifetime riding dirt bikes I’ve raced numerous other marques and enjoyed them all, but none holds a place in my heart quite like Ossa. These days you’ll find me at the track with my 250 or 125 Phantom, or at the occasional enduro with my 250 Super Pioneer.  Of course finding the parts to build and keep these bikes on the track was a challenge. I had to scour the planet; most I found, some I didn’t so if I couldn’t find them I had them made.  I can now supply just about anything you might need for your Phantom, Super Pioneer, Stiletto or Enduro

I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. If you share my passion for these beautiful, blazingly fast dirt bikes there are no more excuses, your Phantom can fly again!

Devon 1977

42 years later. Magic 🙂