Welcome to Gary Warr’s ‘Ossa Stuff’,  the UK’s only Ossa Phantom specialist.  If you have a Phantom,  Super Pioneer, Stiletto, Enduro or Trials model look no further, whatever you need I can help.

I have hundreds of N.O.S, new pattern  and used OSSA parts on the shelf  and share resources with an international network of wonderful like minded specialists with regular deliveries from Spain and the States of those hard to get parts.  

I’m also UK agent for Vintco who produce a vast range of high quality repro parts at reasonable prices.  I take great pride that everything I sell is ‘Race Quality’ and honestly priced with no ridiculous customs clearance charges or dodgy exchange rates; even free UK delivery  on orders over £200.  

So for parts or help just get in touch. Finally there are no more excuses, your OSSA can fly again!  



At last, a beautiful solution to your fuel tank woes. Ossa Stuff Alloy Tanks are available for Phantom, Desert Phantom, Super Pioneer, Stiletto, Enduro and SDR models. More...


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