Venhill Cables

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A range of cables perfectly engineered by Venhill for Ossa Stuff. Forget the universal cables found elsewhere that almost fit,  these are the real thing; they are the exact right cable for your bike and fit perfectly. Throttle and clutch … Continued

Upgraded Gear Selector…

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Our upgraded Selector fork is now available. The upgraded part is a straight swap for the standard part and replicates the upgraded part fitted to the later Phantoms and Super Pioneer models. The upgraded selector prevents the over shifting issues … Continued

Coming soon, brand new gears for your Phantom…

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Formula 1 technology for your Phantom!  These hyper race quality replacement gears are produced from the finest gear steel available,  precision CNC machined and heat treated to perfection . Vastly stronger and more durable than the original gears. No more missed shifts! Direct … Continued